August 12, 2017

Books with unusual formats: The Themis Files

This post is a followup to my post from March about books with unusual formats. I recently read The Themis Files, and the two books in the series (so far), Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods, were awesome! Although the format isn't as unique as the books I mentioned in the original post, I like how The Themis Files are told through journal entries and interviews. At first, I wasn't sure how effective that would be in conveying the plot, but it turned out to be very well done.

Admittedly, a big reason why I liked these books so much is that I'm a sucker for giant robots, and reading the books took me back to the movies and TV shows I'd seen as a child involving giant robots saving the world. It wasn't just the robots that made The Themis Files great. I found myself drawn to the characters in the books, although most of what I knew about them were from interview transcripts.

There is supposedly at least one more book in the series, and I can't wait for it to be released!

July 22, 2017

Abandon ship!

I don't like to abandon a book once I've started writing it. (Heck, I don't even like to abandon books I've started reading.) I will plow through the first draft at least before deciding whether to spend the time and effort in revising it. However, I made a decision this week to stop working on a novel in progress. That novel was meant to be the first book in a new YA Fantasy series that I hinted about in February. After months of working on it, I'm no more than a quarter of the way through, based on my story outline.

Why am I going to stop working on this book? I can think of a few reasons:
  1. There are other, more interesting ideas I want to write. This comes up with every book I'm working on, so by itself, it wouldn't make me abandon a story. It's easy for a new shiny object to catch your eye, but up to now, I've had the discipline to continue with the project at hand until the first draft is completed.
  2. Writing a series is intimidating. Since this is the first time I've embarked on writing a series of novels, I admit that the idea scares me a little. I've outlined the plot of the first book, but I only have rough ideas of what will happen in books 2 and 3. As a result, I've found myself paralyzed when making decisions, wondering how they will affect events in subsequent books.
  3. I'm weaving three characters' stories into one, which is more complex than I thought. There are three protagonists in this series, and I'm alternating between their points of view with each new chapter. While I've outlined what each character will experience, having one chapter flow seamlessly into the next without jarring the reader has given me some headaches.

All three reasons are obstacles that I can overcome, but the combination of them has sapped my interest in continuing with the book. I'm going to shift gears and select another story idea to work on. My hope is that, after finishing a different book, I'll have a fresh perspective on this series because I do want to eventually finish it. Whether that will be in a few months or next year is hard to say right now. If anyone out there was looking forward to reading the series, I'm afraid that you will have to wait a bit longer for it.

July 1, 2017

Summer book sales!

I want to let you know about two sales involving my books.


To celebrate the 4th of July, two of my books, Gifted and Keep Your Enemies Close, are on sale at Amazon from July 1 to July 8. During the week, you can purchase either e-book for only 99 cents!

Smashwords is also having their Summer/Winter Sale, which will take place throughout the month of July. Some of my books are 50% to 100% off as part of the sale! Many other authors are also participating in this huge sale, so head over to Smashwords to check it out.

Happy summer reading!

June 17, 2017

Reading amnesia

Not too long ago, I borrowed a book from the library because the description sounded interesting. I started reading it, and about thirty pages in, I ran across a scene that seemed familiar. I couldn't remember if it just resembled a scene in another book I'd read or if I had in fact already read this book. Fortunately, I've been recording all of the books I've read the last few years on Goodreads, and when I looked it up, it turned out that I had read the book already!

This isn't the first time this has happened to me (and fortunately it's a rare occurrence). I thought I was just getting old and forgetful. Then I ran across an article about reading amnesia on Bookriot, and I realized I wasn't the only one. I also felt better knowing that it had a name!

Why does book amnesia happen? I don't know about other readers, but I forget that I've read a book when:
  • The book isn't memorable. That's the most obvious reason. If there was something memorable about the book, such as the plot or the protagonist or writing style, I wouldn't forget it. The Goodreads rating I gave the book from the library was 3 stars, which meant it was just meh and nothing stood out.
  • The blurb is misleading. Sometimes a book's blurb will promise something that doesn't pan out. The blurb will hint at a plot line that isn't the main focus of the book or suggest a genre that doesn't match the actual contents of the book. Regarding the book I had borrowed, its blurb led me to believe it was a taut thriller, but the first thirty pages were anything but thrilling. It was only when I ran across the first scene that caught my interest that I realized I may have read the book before.

Have you ever suffered from reading amnesia? If so, what causes it for you?

May 29, 2017

Fantastic Young Adult Fiction promotion

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May 20, 2017

Release Announcement: Believe Me

I'm happy to announce the release of my latest book, Believe Me!

What if you could see into the future, but no one believed you? 

When Cassie was six years old, she discovered that she had the gift of prophecy. But with that gift came a curse. No one believed her predictions. 

Ten years later, Cassie doesn’t bother telling anyone about her powers. Not even her best friend believes in what she can do. Cassie is content living the life of a normal teenager until she meets Ryan, a new boy in school. She uses her powers to try to win him over, but her prophecies about their relationship eventually take a more dangerous turn. Are her visions of the future doomed to come to pass or can she change their fates? 

You can purchase Believe Me from these retailers:

April 30, 2017

Explore New Worlds

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