March 27, 2011

Number Plus Four available on Barnes and Noble

My collection of short stories, Numbers Plus Four, is now available on the Barnes and Noble Nookbooks store. I use Smashwords to distribute the book to retailers other than Amazon's Kindle Store. To date, I'm aware of the book's availability at three locations:

In case you're interested, Numbers Plus Four costs only 99 cents at all three stores!

    March 20, 2011


    No, 1+1=1 isn't some new kind of math. It means that while I was writing chapters 6 and 7, I decided to combine them into one chapter instead. Chapter 6 was too short, and since 6 flowed into 7, it seemed like the logical thing to do. Of course, for purposes of counting my progress, I still plan to consider them as two chapters, so I'm done with seven chapters, and I'm still on schedule!

    March 8, 2011

    Go, Amanda, Go

    Amanda Hocking is one of my inspirations for taking the plunge into self-publishing and for writing my novel. From anonymity a year ago, she's become the hottest indie author today. Three of her books appear in the top 20 list of bestsellers on the Amazon Kindle eBooks store!

    Recently, Amanda Hocking has also gotten a lot of mainstream press for her success:

    Seeing stories like hers are what keeps me plugging along.