September 10, 2016

Release announcement: Courage

Hello, readers! I'm happy to announce the release of a new collection of three short stories, Courage!

 You can purchase Courage for just 99 cents from the following retailers:

Damsels in distress? Meek girls in pretty dresses? You won’t find them here! 

These three YA fantasy tales prove that heroism comes in different packages. Don’t underestimate the courage inside anyone. 

"Moon Warrior" - Separated from her tribe after a sand dragon attack, Luna finds herself alone with no food or shelter. She must cross a desert wasteland to find her people again, but when she loses their trail, she discovers that her warrior instincts may not be enough to save her. 

 “Slave Runner” - Malika and her sister are captured by slave traders but receive an unexpected gift of freedom when their captors encounter a deadly gathering of ghosts. The sisters escape to a nearby village, where they learn that the new sanctuary isn’t as safe as they thought it would be, and ghosts aren’t what they most need to fear. 

“The Brave One” - Kora and Myko return from a food-gathering trip to find that bandits have invaded their village. They have to do something to save their families, but what can two girls do against five armed men?