October 15, 2011


For two years, I had been using the weRead Facebook app as my online bookshelf. I had never used anything to track my books electronically before, and at the time, weRead seemed like a good choice because some of my other Facebook friends used it too. Now, two years later, I'm switching to Goodreads. There are several reasons for making the switch:

1. I don't like having to log in to Facebook to view or update my bookshelf.
2. The weRead app is down more often than I like.
3. The functionality in Goodreads is better. For instance, I like being able to sort by rating, which, believe it or not, I can't do with weRead.
4. I like the recommendations on Goodreads (so far).

Additionally, I've heard that Goodreads is a good platform for authors. I haven't looked into those features yet because I've been using it as a reader more than as an author.

So now I will leave you so that I can enter more books I've read into Goodreads.

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