December 27, 2011

Favorite reads of 2011

2011 is almost over, which means it's time for "The Best/Top/Favorite _____ of 2011" lists! Here's my contribution: the best books I read in 2011.

  1. The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
  2. Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins
  3. Feed - Mira Grant
  4. Unwind - Neal Shusterman
  5. MockingJay - Suzanne Collins
  6. Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
  7. John Dies at the End - David Wong
  8. Smoke and Mirrors - Neil Gaiman
  9. Severance Package - Duane Swierczynski
  10. The Scorch Trials - James Dashner
Given how much I've raved about The Hunger Games, it's no surprise that the trilogy took three of the top five positions, including #1. The Hunger Games was the best book I've read in a few years.

Thanks to The Hunger Games trilogy, I also discovered the Young Adult Dystopian genre this year. Unwind and The Scorch Trials are both YA Dystopian stories, and Feed could be considered one too, although it's more of a zombie novel.

Absent from my Top 10 list are any books by indie authors. Indie books made up less than ten of the 70 or so books I read in 2011. While I did read a couple of good ones, none were among the ten best. I expect to read more indie books in 2012, and perhaps one or more will make my list next year.

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