November 21, 2011

Can't wait for The Hunger Games movie

I just saw the new trailer for The Hunger Games. It looks great! I can't wait for the movie to come out next March.

November 12, 2011

George and the Galactic Games

I'm excited to announce that my second book (and first novel) is available in the Amazon Kindle Store! It is titled George and the Galactic Games, and it is a science fiction story suitable for young readers as well as adults.

George is the new kid in school. He also recently lost his father to a heart attack. In an effort to cheer him up, George’s mother takes him on a camping trip. That’s when their troubles really begin. Extraterrestrials abduct both mother and son. Now George finds himself an unwilling participant in the Yumal Contests, a galactic game against an alien species. He must overcome his fears and limitations to win because these games are not just a casual sporting event… his life hangs in the balance.

November 5, 2011

Searching for the next Hunger Games

I've written before about how great I think the Hunger Games trilogy is. Since then, I've read other books in the genre, hoping to find a worthy successor. The closest I've come is Neal Shusterman's Unwind and James Dashner's Maze Runner trilogy. IMHO, Unwind was the superior book, but Maze Runner came closer to re-creating a world similar to Panem. I've also read some recommendations in the genre that were disappointing, most notably Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking trilogy. Despite its good reviews, the story never grabbed me so that I couldn't put it down, mainly because I thought the characters were hard to believe in and sometimes acted irrationally given the circumstances they were in.

If anyone has other suggestions for books similar to the Hunger Games trilogy that I should read, let me know!