April 2, 2013

New covers

Two of my books recently got new covers!

First, the cover for In the Hands of Children changed a little. (I'll keep the old covers on the sidebar for a while for comparison.) I like the picture of the girls (who I imagine to be Hannah and Amy) staring at a rundown building, but I thought the text was a bit hard to read, so I added black on the top and bottom to make it stand out.

George and the Galactic Games got a major cover overhaul. This book is my poorest selling novel, which is a shame because I really liked the story. I thought one problem might be that it's targeted toward younger readers, which is a tough sell in itself, but perhaps the cover also didn't convey that it was suited for middle grade or younger ages.

I asked Jes Richardson (you can find more of her pre-made covers here) to revamp the cover for me, and I like the direction she took it in! It's much more kid-friendly than before. I hope this will lead to more people giving George and the Galactic Games a second look.

I have no idea if these new covers will improve sales. For all I know, they might even make it worse. But just being able to make these decisions and turn them around in a short time frame is what makes being an indie author so great!

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