October 25, 2014

(Guest Post) My Name is Ariele and I Write Books: What if John and Quin Had iPhones

Hello, H.S. Stone’s fans! My name is Ariele and I write books, specifically science fiction. I recently released my third novel, The Wounded World. The story revolves around my main character, Quin, and his relationship with his father. After returning home from his military duty, Quin discovers that his father has disappeared, leaving behind a very dangerous piece of new technology. Thus, he sets out to find out where his father has run off to, and to solve the problems that get in his way.

If it sounds interesting, check it out here! You can find out more about me or my books by visiting my website or following me on Facebook and Twitter.

To celebrate the publication of my newest novel, I give you three short scenes from my two main characters:

What If John and Quin Had iPhones

Episode 1: The Spider

Episode 2: The Pre-Date Advice 


Episode 3: John Tells Bad Jokes

Curious to learn more about John and Quin? Get a copy of The Wounded World, or read an excerpt of the book on Zoe’s blog.

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