January 31, 2015

Book review: Fashion Fraud by Jamie Campbell

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Truly Winx only wants one thing in her life: to be a world famous fashion designer.

When she discovers her favorite designers are conducting a design competition with big prizes up for grabs, Truly knows she was destined to enter. The only problem is she can’t sew.

Desperate to make it in the industry, Truly somehow convinces the shy, intelligent Jane Davis to be her competition partner and sew her design into a real dress.

With her future at stake, Truly will go to any lengths to be a fashion designer. Even if that means committing the ultimate act of Fashion Fraud.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

Since I'm not participating in any special reading challenges this year, I decided that what I'm going to do is to post reviews of some of the great indie books that I read in 2015. Earlier this month, I reviewed Katie French's The Benders. Today, I'll talk about Jamie Campbell's Fashion Fraud, a novelette that's the first book in the Fashion series.

Disclaimer: Jamie was one of my collaborators on the anthologies Through a Tangled Wood and Celestial. However, she did not ask me to read or review Fashion Fraud, and I tried to view it from as objective a viewpoint as I could.

The story centers on teenagers Truly Winx and Jane Davis. Truly's dream is to win a fashion design competition (and eventually become a fashion designer), and the only way she has any chance of doing so is partnering with Jane, a girl who she has little in common with. 

Fashion Fraud was a fast-paced and entertaining story that I really enjoyed reading. I thought the dynamic between Truly and Jane as well as the problems that Truly ran into were both realistic and fun to read about. The story flew by for me and kept me turning the pages. As a shorter work, this story was just the right length, and I highly recommend it.

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