September 5, 2015

My reading/writing spaces

Have you ever seen those articles where authors show their special writing space (like this one)? It could be an office in their house with a big desk full of writing tools and bookshelves in the background, or it could be as simple as a favorite chair tucked in the corner of a den. Either way, I envy those authors because they have a dedicated place to pursue their craft.

As for me, I read and write whenever and wherever I can. I don't have a writing desk. I don't own a desk, period. And my house is too small to have a room dedicated to writing. Instead, I do my reading and writing all over the place: on the living room sofa, at the dining table, in bed, etc. I spend as much time with books outside the house as I do inside.

Here are two pictures of places where I do a lot of my reading and writing:

The first one shows two seats on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), which is how I commute to my day job. It gets too cramped to write on BART, but I read a lot on the train.

The second photo depicts one of the areas where the parents sit at the taekwondo school that my kids go to. I used to watch them practice, but after years of seeing the same routines over and over, now I spend my time writing while they're in class. :-)

One of these days, if I become rich and famous (or just rich), I may own a house with a special place for reading and writing, but for now, I'll do it whenever and wherever I can.

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