September 26, 2015

Book review: The Brothers by Katie French

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“They tell me it’s for the good of humanity. That I’m saving our way of life with my body. They lie.”

Book Four in the award-winning, best-selling Breeders series.

Riley has survived madmen, deranged doctors, and false prophets. Her next task is uniting her family, which has been ripped apart by Nessa Vandewater, the Breeders’ enforcer. Her boyfriend Clay and brother Ethan are still missing. Only she can find them.

But on her way, Riley is stung by a scorpion. To ease her suffering, Auntie Bell shares the story of Riley’s mother, Janine, and how she escaped the Breeders.

Nearly twenty years in the past, Janine, an obedient Breeders girl, is nearing her seventeenth birthday, and the clock is ticking. She has two months to become pregnant, or she’ll be put out, sold into slavery . . . or worse. When her doctor informs her she’s infertile, she’s devastated. But some doctors lie, and one in particular seems to want Janine for his own . . .

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

September 12, 2015

More stories on Wattpad

I posted two more short stories on Wattpad, making it a grand total of three stories published on that platform! The three stories that are available are:

"Fortune Cookies" - After a two-year break, Ryan takes the first steps in getting back together with his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie. Along the way, he receives aid from an unlikely source, a Chinese restaurant whose fortune cookies accurately predict good news in Ryan's life. However, all good things must come to an end.

"Urban Spelunkers" - For Fred, Rick, Brian, and Brian's younger brother Jake, exploring abandoned buildings is an adventure, and a very profitable one. However, sometimes, there's a reason why no one should cross the Do Not Enter sign.

"Conversation with a Time Traveler" - How do you convince someone that you're a time traveler? That's the problem facing Henry Tisdale as he tries to persuade Malcolm Pierce, one of the richest men in the country, that he is from the future. With every question that Malcolm asks, Henry finds his claims slipping away. Can he turn things around to prove that he is indeed a time traveler? Does he want to?

I'll continue to post more stories to my Wattpad account as time permits.

September 5, 2015

My reading/writing spaces

Have you ever seen those articles where authors show their special writing space (like this one)? It could be an office in their house with a big desk full of writing tools and bookshelves in the background, or it could be as simple as a favorite chair tucked in the corner of a den. Either way, I envy those authors because they have a dedicated place to pursue their craft.

As for me, I read and write whenever and wherever I can. I don't have a writing desk. I don't own a desk, period. And my house is too small to have a room dedicated to writing. Instead, I do my reading and writing all over the place: on the living room sofa, at the dining table, in bed, etc. I spend as much time with books outside the house as I do inside.

Here are two pictures of places where I do a lot of my reading and writing:

The first one shows two seats on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), which is how I commute to my day job. It gets too cramped to write on BART, but I read a lot on the train.

The second photo depicts one of the areas where the parents sit at the taekwondo school that my kids go to. I used to watch them practice, but after years of seeing the same routines over and over, now I spend my time writing while they're in class. :-)

One of these days, if I become rich and famous (or just rich), I may own a house with a special place for reading and writing, but for now, I'll do it whenever and wherever I can.