October 1, 2016

And zombies

Not too long ago, I watched the movie adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was primarily due to the undead element rather than any love for Jane Austen. The experience made me wonder what other literary classics would be improved by the addition of zombies. My conclusion? Just about every one!

Here are ten examples:
  • 1984 and Zombies - What if the reason that Big Brother suppresses freedom is because it's trying to hide the existence of a zombie apocalypse?
  • A Christmas Carol and Zombies - Scrooge visited by the Zombies of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.
  • The Great Gatsby and Zombies - I didn't enjoy reading this story in school, but I might have if Gatsby's extravagant lifestyle took place despite an ongoing zombie apocalypse outside his mansion doors.
  • Jane Eyre and Zombies - Like the women in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I can see Jane growing up as a great zombie slayer.
  • Lord of the Flies and Zombies - Let there be zombies on the island where the boys landed!
  • Of Mice and Men and Zombies - Lennie as a domesticated zombie?
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray and Zombies - This one isn't too far of a stretch since Dorian Gray already possesses certain undead characteristics.
  • Romeo and Juliet and Zombies - How would this classic fare if zombies were thrown into the feud between the Montagues and Capulets?
  • A Tale of Two Cities and Zombies - I might have enjoyed reading this book in school more if it was set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse rather than the French Revolution.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird and Zombies - Could a story of racial prejudice be as effective if it was about zombie prejudice?

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