June 8, 2019

Finding room for books

Image courtesy of My Modern Met

I admit that I have a book buying addiction. I buy books every month. I buy them online and I buy them from physical stores. I buy new books and used. You name it, I'm interested. This is not a post about how to defeat my addiction though. It's about what to do with all of these books once I've bought them.

At this point, I have three bookshelves full of books in my room. My kids have bookshelves where books that once belonged to me are stored if they're interested in the books too. (For example, the Harry Potter series is now in their room, not mine.) But I still don't have enough space for new books. I have books piled by my nightstand and books under my bed. There are books on top of and under our coffee table in the living room. Books in the DVD case. Books on top of dressers. Basically, books everywhere.

I wish I was handy enough to build something like the bookshelf staircase in the photo above, or that my house was designed in such a way that would allow for it. However, I have a feeling I'd quickly fill that space too. For those of you who also own a lot of books, what are some ways you find room for your books? 

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