July 28, 2012

What stars mean in my reviews

In March, I began reviewing books. My intention was never to become a full time book reviewer, but I wanted to share some of the books I read. So far, I've only reviewed books that I thought warranted 4 or 5 stars. This is because there seems to be a stigma against 3 star reviews (or God forbid, 2 and 1 star reviews). From what I've been reading in forums and on blogs, some authors freak out when someone gives their book a 3 star review. It's as if 3 stars means the book is horrible. Not so! To me, three stars means it's OK, not bad.

This is the way I rate books:
  • 5 stars: The book was great! I'd recommend it anyone. I'd read the book again. Everyone, go buy this book now!
  • 4 stars: The book was really good. I'd recommend it to my friends who enjoy books in the genre. If I had time, I wouldn't mind reading the book again. At the right price, you should buy this book.
  • 3 stars: The book was OK. If you really like the author or are looking for something to read, I'd probably recommend it. It was worth my while to read the book, but I probably won't read it again.
  • 2 stars: The book wasn't good. I wouldn't recommend it, and I feel like the time I spent reading this book could have been better spent.
  • 1 star: The book was awful. Don't read it. I shouldn't have.
The fact that I only post 4 on 5 star reviews on this blog means that every book I review is one that I would recommend to someone!

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