January 19, 2013

Done with first draft

This week, I completed the first draft of my newest novel in progress! After a slow start, I made great progress over the Christmas holidays and finished ahead of my original goal of February. More so than with the first two novels I wrote, this story spoke to me while I was writing it. There were times when it felt like a voice inside my head was reading the story to me, and my job was simply to write it down as quickly as possible. Either I was in "the zone" as a writer, or I need psychiatric help. :-) Because of how easy parts of the book came to me, I was able to really churn through it in the last two weeks of December. That, combined with having a break from my full-time job, allowed me to write more than I'd ever done in a 2-week period.

I hope that my bouts of inspiration also meant that this book will be better than any story I've written before. There were certainly times when I felt that what I was writing at the moment was brilliant, but then there were other times when I looked back on what I wrote and considered it to be rubbish. So who knows? Now I start the unenviable task of (multiple rounds of) editing. I'll soon find out if what I've written is worthy of being read by another person. But for now, I'm glad to be done with the first major milestone in novel #3.

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