February 16, 2013

Just when I thought I could write

It's natural for writers to have doubts. When I read what I've written, I sometimes think that what I wrote is brilliant and sometimes I think it's crap. The funny thing is, I'll think the same thing about the same passage, depending on when I read it.

With my latest book, I thought that I did a pretty good job overall. It was no Hunger Games, but I thought it was the best novel I'd written to date and maybe even better than at least half of the traditionally published books I read. I thought I finally had a handle on this whole writing thing.

Then I heard back from my proofreaders. I received more feedback on areas to improve with this manuscript than any other that I've written before. At first, I was bummed out. How could I have been so wrong about the quality of my book? Then I was in denial. They just didn't get what I was writing. The fault couldn't possibly be with me. Then after a couple of days of ignoring the manuscript, I examined every criticism and realized that almost all of them were valid. I've been editing my book again as a result, and I think it's even better now than before. I'm determined to make this the best book I've ever published, and I hope the readers who read the finished product will agree.

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