March 3, 2013

Cover reveal: Beyond New Eden

I'm happy to reveal the cover of my latest novel, Beyond New Eden, to be released in about a week!

The cover was designed by the folks at Digital Book Launch. I added the title because I didn't know what the book was going to be called until recently.

Here's the blurb for the novel:

Eve 142 has lived her entire life in the domed city of New Eden, home to the only surviving humans after the War. Like all of the inhabitants of New Eden, Eve 142 is a clone. Together with the other clones, dubbed the Adams and the Eves, she leads a safe, predictable existence. However, Eve’s life changes when she causes a tragic accident to befall one of the Adams. As retribution, she and her counterpart, Adam 142, are banished from New Eden.

At first, Eve 142 considers their punishment a death sentence because she grew up believing the world outside the dome was uninhabitable. She is wrong. Forced to live in the Wastelands, Eve and Adam discover many new truths about the outside world and, more importantly, the truths about themselves.

More news to come when the novel is finally released!

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