January 9, 2014

Release announcement - Keep Your Enemies Close

Today is the official launch date for my latest novel, Keep Your Enemies Close!

You can now buy the digital version for $2.99 or paperback for $8.99 at the retailers below. Keep Your Enemies Close will also be available for the Nook and other platforms soon.


Special limited time promotion:
For the next two weeks, if you buy a copy of Keep Your Enemies Close (in either e-book or paperback) and show proof of purchase, I'll send you a free digital version of any of my other books from Smashwords. See here for available books. That's right, buy one book and get another for FREE! Proof of purchase may include a receipt, a picture of Keep Your Enemies Close on your Kindle, or anything else that shows you bought the book. Email your proof to me at hsstonewriting[at]yahoo[dot]com to receive your Smashwords coupon.

Happy reading!

First, the probes arrived. Then the mother ship landed. Then Lia’s world changed forever.

With the alien invaders’ arrival, Lia and her best friend, Bryn, sign up for military duty to protect their town. When the aliens attack, however, Lia and her comrades are helpless to stop them. Worse, after the attack, she discovers that several of the townspeople, including her family, were abducted. Despite Lia’s pleading, no one wants to save those taken by the aliens.

Desperate to rescue her parents and her little sister, Lia turns to the only source of help she can find… a captured alien invader. 

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