April 26, 2014

YA dystopian is alive and well... in the movies

I've heard rumors that the YA dystopian genre isn't selling anymore, that readers have had enough and are no longer buying YA dystopian books. I don't know if it's true, but you wouldn't be able to tell it from looking at the movie industry.

Divergent, the hottest YA dystopian property at the moment, opened to a $54 million box office weekend, making it the top movie the week of its release. A month later, it's still in the top 10 among box office receipts and has taken in over $200 million worldwide. Not to mention the boost the film has given to the books, which have been near the top of the bestseller lists for weeks.

The franchise that started the YA dystopian craze, Hunger Games, has done even better. The first two movies in the series were both blockbusters, with Catching Fire earning over $860 worldwide. That's getting close to a billion dollars! With two more movies to go (yes, Mockingjay is getting split into two movies), there's more gas left in the Hunger Games movie tank.

Later this year, two more YA dystopian series get their film releases: The Maze Runner and The Giver. From the trailers, both movies look pretty awesome. Regardless of how well they do, the fact that Hollywood is making movies out of YA dystopian novels is proof that the genre is still alive and well. If these movies are successful, expect to see more film adaptations of your favorite YA dystopian books.

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