December 27, 2014

What I read in 2014

For the second year in a row, I read at least 100 books! Having never read that many books in a year until last year, this is a big deal to me. However, I'm not going to promise to read 100 books again in 2015. :-)

The ratings for the books I read this year broke down as follows:
  • 5 stars - 29 books
  • 4 stars - 45 books
  • 3 stars - 27 books
  • 2 stars - 1 book
This comes out to an average rating of exactly 4.0 stars per book read in 2013.

Of the 102 books that I read, 43 were indie published. While that wasn't as many as in 2013, I'm still happy with the number of indie books I read. More often than ever, I couldn't tell if a book was indie published by looking at it or reading it. In 2015, I expect the lines between traditionally published and indie published books to blur even more.

In case you're interested, the ratings for the indie books were:
  • 5 stars - 9 books
  • 4 stars - 23 books
  • 3 stars - 11 books
There are three indie authors who I want to give a shout out to because they've all written 5-star books that I read this year and I think everyone (especially those who are hesitating to read indie published books) should check them out.

  • Kate Avery Ellison - I started reading The Frost Chronicles this year and loved the series. As a result, I'm going to try reading all of her other books!
  • Katie French - I've raved about her Breeders series before. The novels are among the best YA dystopian books I've read.
  • M.A. George - Perhaps best known for her Proximity series, it was her latest novel, Aqua, that turned me into a big fan. I recommend trying both!

Next week, I'll list my top ten favorite books read in 2014. Stay tuned!

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