February 10, 2016

Release announcement: All That Remains of Me

The day has finally arrived! Today is the official release date for my latest novel, All That Remains of Me.

You can purchase the e-book edition now for the special introductory price of 99 cents! The price will go up soon, so act quickly.

During a routine drive to dinner with her parents, sixteen-year-old Annie Walker’s car is struck by a pickup truck. The resulting accident kills her parents and leaves Annie unconscious. When she wakes up, she thinks she’s in a hospital, but the truth is far stranger. Annie has been downloaded into a computer program called PATTIE.

With the help of PATTIE’s brilliant programmer, Eric, Annie struggles to come to terms with her new existence. She also finds that being inside a computer has both advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, the disadvantages can kill her.

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